Varitek The Man

Ok so another loss last night, but how good was Varitek s homer? That was pure clutch surely a good sign as the important time of year heads our way.

I am still feeling positive particularly if Coco can continue as he played last night. The fight in that team is looking good.

Tonight Beckett on the mound? Good Gosh or Bad Josh? Excuse the pun I couldn’t resist. I am hopeful for a solid outing on the road for a change.

So a little about me, I am not from Mass or even the USA, I lived in the USA for 18 months and caught the Red Sox bug, ok I arrived in New York in September 2004, and immediately disliked the Yankees, I am English and they reminded me to much of Man United that will make sense to any soccer fans reading, (if anyone ever does read this that is!)

Yes, September 2004 makes me a bandwagon jumper if they hadnt been 3 down would I have ever become part of Red Sox nation? Honestly I dont know, I know the "Idiots" made me appreciate and become obsessed with a whole new game, which I will be forever thankful for.

Anyway enough for now, I have the game to look forward to courtesy of at 3am tomorrow morning, the joys of being an international baseball fun!

If anyone ever writes this feel free to contact me, I promise to reply!



  1. Cyn

    Welcome! Nice to see another ‘positive’ fan out here!

    I don’t think becoming a fan of a team DOWN 3 games to none qualifies as being a band-wagoner…especially when you’re from another country!

    Have fun with the blog! (And Chad is right, you’re going to want to shut the trackbacks off!)

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