Lucky 13

Beckett gets the run support and comes through for win number 13. The best thing about this is that this is generally accepted as a season lacking consistency from Beckett!! What will happen if he can have a consistent year – or maybe I am thinking to far ahead and I should just hope for a consistent September & October!!

Side news – Premiership in England starts soon and I am predicting Liverpool to win it for the first time in 17 years!!! You read it here first, I will also suffer through that season as soon as the baseball finishes, thats the problem when is there a break from all the stress!?!?

To those of you who replied thankyou! Good to know people read my random thoughts and dont feel I am a bandwagon jumper!!!!

Although I partied the night of Game 4 in St Louis I have to admit that the victory came to early for me to understand what it really meant, it is only now I can start to understand, I just hope the wait next time isn’t to long as I love to party and am ready to see the Sox celebrate again!


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